Daniel Brand

Gameplay Programmer

My name is Daniel Brand, I live in Breda, the Netherlands. I am a junior Game Developer, currently studying at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

I am looking for an internship at a game development studio which makes 3D games. I want to learn more about writing loosy coupled code and working in teams to create the most awesome games, together. My preferable working method is with SCRUM.

At school I am very proud that every project I completed has been a success, not because we always had the best team, but because we were always organized and knew what we could and could not do in the time we had. On these projects I learned a lot about how to work with SCRUM, which further amplified our results.

In my free time I usually work on spare time projects, continue school projects or play games. I have a broad interest in games that range from Dark Souls to The Witness to Civilization. I also enjoy to play VR games and old RTS games with friends such as Age of Empires and Red Alert.


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